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How to plant a lawn from seed

Planting grass from seed is an inexpensive way to grow a new lawn. Here are the basics of how create a lush new lawn from seed. Other tips will help choose the right grass and prepare your site for planting.

Select the right type of grass for your area (see other tips).

Measure the square footage of your planting area to determine how much seed you’ll need. Purchase the seed at a local nursery or garden center. Information on the package will tell you how much to buy for your square footage.

Prepare and level the soil as described in the related tip, How to Plant a Lawn

Set your seed spreader (a drop-spreader used for fertilizer works best for most lawns) at the appropriate setting, fill it with half the seeds.

Walking at a steady pace, sow the seed over the planting area, moving back and forth in opposite directions. Then repeat the process, walking at a 90 degree angles to your original paths. This will insure the seed is sown evenly.

Fill the cage roller with a fine textured organic material like peat moss and ground bark.

Walking quickly, push the cage roller over the planting area so a thin (1/8 to ) layer of organic matter covers all the seed. This will help keep the seed from drying out.

Push a water-filled roller (filled about a third full) over the entire area to make sure seed and soil are in good contact.

Water the seed bed thoroughly so the soil is moist to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Apply the water slowly so seeds do not wash away.

Keep the seed bed moist (but not soggy) until the seed germinates and new grass is a few inches high. In hot weather you may have to water more than once a day.

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